Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reactive vs Proactive.

So are you proactive?
I mean that's the way to succeed in life. You've got to be proactive, you've got to think about what you want and you've got to go out there to make it happen. I guess ...;)

I think it is crucial and I have to confess that I find myself most of the time reactive.
So what do I do about it? I need to change.
Awareness is a good beginning.

I recently checked on the NLP and on the work of Milton H.Erickson on hypnosis. It's not the place to delve into the topic though. All I wanted to point out is that according to his work it is possible to hypnotise oneself while you confused and try to make the sense of the things. Person then goes into the trance.

I'm finding myself in the kind of the trance while spending my time over on the internet. I'm learning, I'm searching for more and more information. And the more I dig, the more I'm fascinated, ... and I hypnotize myself, I guess.

I have been studying various topics. And you know how much information is out there. So after a while one can get really into the things and just study more and more. Everything seems to be relevant and everything is so much interesting. It's tough out there. After a while one can find out that one lost valuable time.

Of course, the is the answer to all that and it is: learn as you go. Determine what you need to learn and then proceed on that. Learn and apply. Be proactive.
Of course, I know that :)

If you just try to learn new things without any apparent reason, without clear goal in your head you can pretty quickly find yourself lost in the woods. You react to all these interesting and fascinating information you gather. One minute you think that this one can solve all your problems and the next minute you are already on the another solution. That takes you nowhere.

So the first thing first is to determine where you want to go (maybe even before that determine where exactly you're standing), what you need to learn. And then learn and apply. Be proactive.

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