Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Season transition means change.

Season transition means change and it is inevitable.

I love this time of the year. The change it brings along. After worm, sunny spells of the Summer here it comes, Autumn.

I love it because it gets me thinking. Fall, especially the first few weeks of it is an excellent time of the year. Summer may yet linger around in the air, you can feel the warmness evaporating from the ground. Yet, it's inevitable, change is coming. Sometimes it is sudden change and the cold, rainy days take us by surprise. But often transition is smooth and we can prepare for it. And more, we can savour the change in the air.

I have to confess that it was Spring that I loved most of my life. And there is something magical in the Spring. The new life which is rising in abundance everywhere and the longer, wormer days. It is precious experience after darkness and coldness of the Winter.

And yet, here it comes, Autumn. I know that Winter will step into place in three months and I am not worried. I do love it.

There would be no magic in the Spring without stillness of the Winter.
And again, here is the Autumn. I have to confess that somehow I do love Autumn, even with these rainy and shorter and shorter days. Maybe I am getting older? I don't think so. Maybe I am just maturing. And with that, reflection and acceptance of the reality comes.

We can not expect only worm days and sunny spells on our sky. It's life. And in life there are ups and downs. There are good days and there are bad days.

As soon as you are aware of that, that awareness empowers you. It gives you strength. You know that change is inevitable. You know that Fall has to come and then Winter. And you make preparation for that. You also know that Spring will come for sure and the Summer will follow. That knowledge gives you strength to go through the Winter. It allows you to enjoy the Autumn.

So if you are worried by the state of the economy right now you should know that the better times will come.

It is inevitable.

Change is inevitable. R/

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