Monday, August 31, 2009

Watch your coffee!

Watch your coffee !
Your coffee is your mind.
What goes in will eventually come out.
It is not coincidence that you live your life the way you do.
It is the outcome of the programming that has been done on you thorough your life.
Your mind is like a computer.
Most of the programs were installed by the people from your environment early in your childhood. These programs installed by your parents, your siblings, your teachers run your life.
These are your believes, patterns of your behavior.

You can change them!

You can take control of your life.

Take control of your life by being aware of your though patterns, by being conscious about what you accept as a truth about yourself, about the world around.

Watch your coffee.
What goes in will come out.
Anthony Robbins mentions this analogy. Imagine that your worst enemy comes over and puts two lumps of sugar into your coffee. What will happen? You will be fine.
Now, imagine that your best friend comes over and puts into your coffee a drop of a poison, even by accident. He did not mean to do that. What will happen? You will die [if the poison is strong one].

Watch out!
Who you hang out with? Who are the people in your life?
Are they positive or negative?
Do they support you or discourage you?

Watch out, because that may be crucial to your future!
Get away from toxic people in your life, do not associate with them.

Associate with positive, enthusiastic people who will encourage you to go after your dreams!
They will feed your mind with positive thoughts.
They will put sugar into your coffee ;)

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