Monday, July 27, 2009

The Secret, Low of Attraction.

You've seen it, I guess. The Secret is a really good piece of work.
The Low of Attraction, does it work for you?
I mean, there are plenty of experts mushrooming all around who will readily teach you how to use the law.

So they ask you, does the Low of Attraction work for you?

Well, you you are like most of us then you probably struggle, the law actually does not work for you. Or it seems like it does not.
Whereas indeed it does work.
You are attraction all the things in your life, whether you like it or not. You are responsible for your life.

As Earl Nightingale says: we become what we think most of the time.
The real question then is:

What you think most of the time? I mean really, what you think most of the time.
Not what you wish for, but what you are really expect to happen in your life.

What you think most of the time ... with emotional tension.
That's right,
what you think,
what you feel.
There is a secret.

Now, it's a bit sad that all these experts only add to the confusion. And some of them actually are the stars from the film, The Secret itself.

The Law of Attraction itself is not a new thing around. These guys from the movie did not invent it. Although they popularized the idea, ... and made tons of money along the way.
The Secret is the marketing master piece, first.

Now, I do not know whether you are like me, but I do not like to be confused. And I believe in simplicity. The most simple solutions are the best.

If the guy, one of the featured stars of the film is telling me that there is a missing part in the Secret that automatically undermined his credibility in my eyes. Now he tries to flog me another product, the missing part of the Secret. Wait a year or two and he will offer the missing, missing part of the Secret. I mean, come on!

The Low of Attraction really works. It does!
It does for me and it does for you whether you like it or not.
But it requires your effort, it requires you to take action.

I have figured out the Low of Attraction on my own many years ago. It is not that difficult, if you are keen observer of life. But no matter.
What matter is the application of the law whether in my or your life.

"Knowing is not enough, we must do", as somebody said.
Therefore, go and do the things you want to do. Go after your dreams.

Think about what you want all the time, expect it to happen, expect to become what you what to become, expect to have what you want to have.
And take action.

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