Monday, July 6, 2009

Brian Tracy, you've got to pay the price.

You've got to pay the price. There is no exemption from this rule.
And you've got to pay it in advance.

Brian Tracy in one of his audio courses is telling a story of the billionaire H.L.Hunt who at the age of thirty was a bankrupt cotton farmer. He was asked: what was a secret of his success. Mr. Hunt said there are only two things you've got to do to be successful in life:
- you've got to decide on what it is you want to accomplish;
- and you've got to decide that you are going to pay the price for that success.

There is no other secrets to success as Brian Tracy said.
Simply, decide on what you want and be willing to pay a price.

From the moment you make a decision and commit to it you enter the path that will eventually lead you to what you want.
It is important that you will commit to be successful, that you will resolve to do whatever is necessary, that you will persist with determination no matter what.

Nobody said it will be easy, although you may be surprised that eventually success will come your way almost effortlessly. It will happen when you enter the state of mind in which you will simple-mindedly pursue you goal. You will meet the right people and the right circumstances.

But first, you've got to make a real decision and commit to taking action towards your goal.

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