Monday, June 22, 2009

Think and grow rich.

Let's start from the beginning. Many smart people say that it all began from the time when Napoleon Hill published his famous "Think and grow rich" book.
Bob Proctor, one of the foremost figures in the self development industry is telling the story that it all changed for him when he got his copy of that book. He was a fireman who did not earn much money. After reading and applying the principles laid out in the book he went on to make a career and fortune.

It all begins with your thoughts. Your thoughts are the starting points where you create your life. From thoughts through action to winning your life. To be successful.

I had read "Think and grow rich" more then 10 years ago. Sadly for me I did not apply the principles into my life at that time. I went on reading many other books (actually hundreds of them), trying various techniques, buying more courses. But that didn't quiet worked out either.

Now I know, that:
"Knowing isn't enough, we must apply." as somebody said.

It is only through our action that we are able to change our life, to create better future for ourself. Although thoughts are the starting points, nothing will happen without us taking action.

It is my purpose to share what I have learned through out the years about the ways of improving our life conditions.

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